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Content is NOT King

Why small businesses should focus less on creating tons of content.

Tracking Pixel has worked with many small businesses, and one consistent theme we have seen is the misconception that just creating more content will magically increase their business. Unfortunately, they typically end up feeling defeated and frustrated with the results of the large amount of time and energy put into creating content.

We created this video to explain why this is such a problem, and how there is a better solution. It's the core to our marketing approach, and has been successful with many clients, including this one focused on increasing applications. Please take a look, and we hope it inspires you to call us on how we might help. Below the video see a transcript of the video.

Transcript: Hi everyone, my name is Matt Thompson, the owner of Tracking Pixel Media. I’m here to talk an issue that seems to be growing with small businesses, and that’s the idea that content is king.

So the premise goes like this: The more videos, the more blog posts, the more social media posts, the more everything you do will magically make your business grow just because you created it. And best of all….ALL OF it is FREE!

Can you believe it?

A lot of small business owners are, and it’s making their lives become complicated and frustrating.

I call it the field of dreams - this create it and they will come idea - it’s not based in reality.

What happens is that small businesses spend too much time on content creation and see little results for it. It’s like each piece of content for each different medium takes a bit of your extra time and before you know it, you’re out of extra time.

Being a small business owner, time is money. Plain and simple. So you need to figure out if spending 10-20 hours creating a single piece of meaningful content is worth it. But that’s just a blog piece. Ask these content gurus how to succeed and they’ll tell you to add 2 blogs per week, plus video, plus podcasts, plus all of the social media posts tweets, and what-not. It’s just not that easy.

So why is this myth being perpetuated? Well, if you look at those people who are saying create more content, you’ll usually see they benefit from you spending all of you time on creating content.

Either they get to sell ads around the content you make, sell you on their content creation strategies, or others will sell you on products to make your content cooler and catchier. But in the end, they’re still selling you a product that makes them money. So they stand to profit the more you’re focused on using their tools and services.

So putting it altogether, what is a small business supposed to do? Is there a better alternative to the rat race of more content?

The answer is Yes. There is a better, saner approach. And it starts by being smart about where you spend time. There is a point to making content. I mean

After all, right now you’re watching content that I’ve made to describe our approach to marketing. So it works.

The point is not to just create content, but great content. Content that tells a story and compels your customer to pick you. No matter your business, find 1 or 2 things you do well and say it again and again. There’s a reason why GEICO got as big as it has in auto insurance, and it’s because they are consistent with their message.

Once you create those few key pieces of content on why you’re the best, you use paid ads to spread that message to your best customer. Paid ads work quickly, and you do not have to create lots of different pieces for it. Most importantly, you can easily tie your ads to your website analytics to see what your ROI is for your spend.

Sure it might cost money to use Google and Facebook ads, but you’ll not spend nearly as much time on it, and if you work with a good agency, they can provide more business for you than what you’re paying them. Saving time and money….now that’s a winning combination.

I’m Matt Thompson with Tracking Pixel Media, and I hope you’ll take some time to rethink your marketing strategy. Call us today if you’d like our help!

I hope you enjoyed the video, and look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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