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Marketing Advisory Meeting

Have you wondered whether to invest more in SEO or SEM?  Struggled with Facebook ads delivering measurable results?  Unsure about analytics?


Or maybe you are like many business owners who are not sure what their marketing is doing except being a line item in an already tight budget.

We can help!

At Tracking Pixel Media, we're all about delivering results that you can measure - things like phone calls, emails, and form fills.  The stuff that keeps small businesses open.

Our marketing advisory meeting is about making sure we form a game plan to help you get on track as well as to understanding what your marketing dollars are doing for your business.  1-2 hours long, these meetings will provide a blue print - actionable steps to create some immediate improvement in what you're currently doing, and ideas on how to push results even further.

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How could I benefit from this meeting?

We understand you have 8 million things on your plate.  As a small business, we do too!  However, marketing is usually the last item on a SMBs on long to-do list.

With our advisory meeting, we'll review the various channels of marketing you're actively using.  Then, your Google Analytics are analyzed to see what kind of results have been generated from them.

We can get a pretty clear picture of what's working well, and what's not.

What do we mean by a blueprint?

Actionable steps.  These are examples of some of the recommendations brought about after an advisory meeting:

  • Decrease Facebook Ad spend by 34% and move budget into Google Ads.

  • Begin a display ad campaign to increase brand awareness two months before next big marketing push.

  • Add conversion tracking to Google Analytics to begin to understand what channels are generating the most phone calls, emails, and form fills and on which pages they do.

  • Merge content from two separate pages into one since potential visitors seem to start on one page and move to the next one.  Less steps for them = higher chance of conversion.

After our meeting, you will receive a document that will walk you through the recommendations.  Some of them will not cost a penny for you, but might take time to integrate.  Others might be require new investments to take your business to the next level you desire to hit.

With all of these recommendations, we can help - or you can have a professional you trust to implement.

The point is, we want you to operate a peak efficiency, and would love to help you achieve your business goals.

So what's the cost?

  • 1-2 hours of your time discussing marketing / current initiatives

  • $350-$500 for the meeting and blueprint, depending upon complexity of the business*

*However, if we have to set up Google Analytics or other forms of measurement, this will be an additional charge.


If you're needing clarity on your marketing and its efficacy, call us to set up a meeting!

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