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In 2018, Tracking Pixel Media started in Indianapolis, IN after the founder, Matt Thompson, became frustrated with big media companies not doing what was best for its clients.

50%+ margins & turning and burning clients seemed to be the mantra of many media companies, as well as how to get bought by a larger company for a lot of money.

Something needed to change, so he decided to create an advertising and marketing agency that would put small businesses at the center of all decisions - not profit.

Matt, in 2014, "succeeding" at a large media company in Indy

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In mid-2020, Tracking Pixel opened up a location in Beaufort, South Carolina in order to enjoy the beauty of the low country, as well as fill a critical need in the area. While there are some advertising agencies around, there seemed a lack of ones focused on client ROI for marketing spend.

Our digital marketing agency operates in transparency.  To ensure we do, we came up with a few promises to our clients.

We Promise:

  • To focus on conversions for small businesses - things that make sense to them like phone calls, emails, and form fills.  It's the things that keep their doors open.

  • To let our clients know what our margins are. We're happy to show you our receipts!

  • To come up with solutions that are best for you...not make us the most profit.

  • To give you as much data as we have so you feel informed and in control.

If you want to be informed and part of the digital marketing process, we'd love to hear from you:

Our Services

Tracking Pixel Media provides a variety of services for our clients. From web design to geo-targeted display ads, we can create marketing and advertising campaigns that drive real conversions for small businesses.  Here are some of the digital marketing services we provide:

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Web Design

Designing websites that drive conversions while looking pretty cool!

Paid Ads

Optimizing for phone calls, emails, and form fills for amazing ROIs.

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Using Data To Determine Approach.png

Analytics Setup

Setting up ways to track meaningful actions for your business

Traditional Media Buying

Choosing the right mediums to optimize results for your business

traditional media.jpeg

You've made it this far down, so don't wait any longer!

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