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Paid Ads

With paid ads, Tracking Pixel will utilize a budget to maximize conversions that matter most for small businesses - phone calls, emails and form fills

What do we mean by paid ads?

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Everyone has seen a paid ad before - whether from a Google Search Engine Result (SERP) as seen highlighted by the red rectangles in the picture, in a Facebook or Instagram feed, or in various website like CNN, People, or ESPN. These ads work in a variety of ways, and it is Tracking Pixel's job to find the right combination to create the kind of results our clients desire to have.  Most of our small business clients see the best results from combining Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads together

Confused about what each type of a paid ad is and how it helps? Click on one of the buttons below, or just contact us to discuss!

How does Tracking Pixel measure results for its clients?

Now that we understand what a paid ad is, how do we create a campaign that makes an impact on a business' bottom line?  It's by our relentless focus on conversions.  This means creating ads that drive potential customers to take actions like picking up the phone and ask for a quote, email the business to get details on a product, fill out a form to be contacted.  That's the toughest job for marketers to do, but the most crucial part how paid ads are successful.

Creating a successful campaign begins by measuring what the ad campaigns are doing.  This is done by setting up analytics.  Tracking Pixel uses Google Analytics to help set the bar.  Specifically, we use Google's Tag Manager that allows us to track and see actions like a person clicked on a Facebook ad and then made a phone call.  How is this possible, you might ask?  It all stems from tracking pixels, or browser cookies...hence the name of our agency.  With tracking pixels, we can get a good idea of what's going on when people doing when visiting your website.  Take a look at the picture below:

Spend vs Conversions.jpg

This is an actual snapshot from their Google Analytics.  As you can see, we can track how much was spent on Google Ads, and how many phone calls, emails, and form fills happened as a result.  For this client, they were floored by their ROI from this specific campaign.  These results have continued to date, and business has never been better for them.

To see another client's amazing results, see this case study.

Special Sauce - the right mixture of ad types

How we structure ad campaign budgets depends upon what what kind of action your business needs to have happen.  Need an immediate action like a phone call?  Use a majority of the budget on Google Ads.  Have a product that is new and/or people don't realize is out there?  Then using Facebook Ads and other formats that create awareness takes precedence.  Younger audience? Instagram and now TikTok should be in consideration.

But this is why it's important to work with an advertising agency that understands these distinctions, and know how to connect the dots.  The secret sauce comes in tweaking your starting campaign setups.  The rough outlines mentioned above are not set in stone.  One example is that you might assume your audience is a certain age range, but might miss a huge group that is interested in your products.  Letting the data alter how you adjust your ad campaigns is how you fine tune campaigns so that they generate amazing ROIs.

Hopefully we have made you excited by what can happen when you focus on conversions.  If so, please take the next step!

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