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Needing Website Maintenance and WorDPRESS Performance Improvements?

Welcome to Care +

CARE+ will give your website security while improving its performance and looks.


From dedicated access to our knowledgeable team, pro WordPress plugins, and unbranded video hosting by Vimeo, we give you more for your website maintenance package.

CARE+ will make your website look, feel, and perform at its best!

Included in every CARE+ Website Maintenance Plan:


  • TPM's Vimeo Account Usage

  • Elementor Pro

  • Astra Pro Theme

  • Element Pack Pro

Security & SEO:

  • Plugin/theme updating (2x per month)

  • WPMU's Defender Pro

  • SEOPress Pro


  • Plugin compatability checks (2x per month)

  • WPMU's Smush Pro

  • WPMU's Hummingbird Pro

Plus, every CARE+ member will receive up to 1 hour of technical support with the website - helping with things like broken links, swapping out a photo, changing contact info, etc.

All of this is only $99 per month!


Want more details about CARE+? Keep reading!

If you own a WordPress website, you likely know you need to consistently update plugins and other features to keep your website safe and secure. If you don't know that, well, you're welcome, and please keep reading. Not only are plugins are a concern, things like updating a picture, phone number, or address are important to keep you business relevant.


With small business owners wearing many hats, this task tends to be forgotten, and can open a website up to attack by malicious hackers, leave parts of your site broken, or have outdated info making your business seem unreliable. To prevent this from happening, we created CARE+.

Why should your WordPress website be maintained on a monthly basis?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) built on open-source code. This means that anyone can work on, and improve, the coding on the backend that makes the websites you see function. There are literally thousands of people involved in making the code used in Wordpress, plus thousands more with the WordPress plugin ecosystem. It's a bit chaotic, sure, but know that the core code and many of the plugins available are safe.

That's said, code can be hacked. WordPress sites are hacked on average 30,000...per day! Yikes! It sounds scary, but the majority of those hacks could have been prevented. In 2019, over 56% of hacks were due to outdated plugins.


It's not just plugins, but really bad passwords too!

Check out the top 10 passwords in 2021, and how easy it is for a hacker to crack that password. We hope you are not guilty of one of these. However, if you do, one of the benefits of using the Tracking Pixel CARE+ package is that we have tools that can make your site more secure by enforcing 2-Factor Authentication. More on that later.

Top 10 passwords 2021.png
CARE Details

Source: Nordpass

The easiest way to keep your site safe is to make sure your plugins and WordPress version is up-to-date. Yet, with all of the various plugins your site might have, and the random times they might be updated, staying on top of updates can be very difficult for a small business owner. Which is where we step in.

We remove the hassle - your website gets updated, while making sure updates don't break your site!

The core of the CARE+ plan is making sure your website stays up-to-date by scheduling routine maintenance tasks (2x per month). You no longer have to worry about whether you've spent time logging into the site and updating plugins! Further, when updating your website, we will check your site to see if the updates might have actually caused your website to break due to plugin incompatibility, which is a common error in WordPress website.


Check out this site that has an empty rectangle where an image should be, right at the top of their homepage:

missing picture due to outdate plugins (2).png

Website errors like this can hurt your credibility. CARE+ could have prevented this problem.

Website maintenance is important, but it is not the only feature that makes CARE+ critical for small businesses with a WordPress website.

Security to Keep You Safe

As mentioned above, security is something that many people running a WordPress site overlooks. However, most people wouldn't think twice about buying health insurance to protect themselves against the unknown. The same should be for your website. With CARE+ you can rest easy!


One of the plugins CARE+ members will receive at no additional charge is WPMU's Defender Pro. This pro plugin would normally cost you an extra $7.50/month! This plugin features malware scanning, a firewall, IP banning, 404 detection and more!

With Defender Pro, we'll be alerted if any malicious activity happens, so you can rest easily.

Credit: Defender

SEOPress Pro for Better Search Engine Rankings


Credit: SEOPress

Search Engine Optimization is a part of any smart marketing plan, although we at Tracking Pixel have a limited view on how important the whole "Content is King" mentality. Regardless, it is important to make sure your content is set up as best as possible for SEO ranking, which is why we provide the SEOPress Pro Plugin (normally $49 per year) at no additional charge to our CARE+ members.

Performance Plugins Also Included in CARE+

Google is putting a priority on what they call "Page Experience," so it's never been more important to have the right tools to make sure your website is performing at optimal levels. CARE+ is here to save the day!

With our website maintenance package, we help you out by providing the Pro versions of Hummingbird and Smush - two of the leading Wordpress plugins on the market. Hummingbird provides industry leading GZip compression, caching, and other elements to make your page load faster. Smush compresses your images so they are less bulky. This means images will load faster, and your users will have a better page experience.


Credit: Hummingbird & Smush

Design Plugins and Apps, too!

Beyond having a speedy website that is safe and secure, we want you to have a pretty website that wows clients, too! That is why we have included the best in design plugins - Elementor Pro, Element Pack Pro, Astra Theme Pro - as well as having access to TPM's Vimeo account for up to three (3) unbranded videos.


The annual value of these plugins and apps are over $175!!

Why Do Unbranded Videos Matter?

It's all about professionalism. Plain and simple.

Anyone can host a video on YouTube. Free, unlimited, and easy, it's a choice that many businesses who are on a tight marketing budget choose. However, that free hosted video does come with a price., namely the clunky YouTube branding, end slides that entice a potential customer to look at other videos and leave your website, as well as potential content on those end slides that might not match your business's values.

Now compare that scenario to this one from Eagle Creek Park Foundation:

Want to see this live? Check it out here: Eagle Creek Park Foundation

As you can see, there are zero distractions for the viewer of this video on the homepage. It's clean, uses Vimeo's super fast CDN to serve the video to views quickly, and just looks great! Here's a little secret, too - the video above is also hosted on Vimeo. The customization elevates the look of the video and eliminates any distraction so the potential customer is solely focused on your brand, your offerings.

So why choose our CARE+ Website Maintenance Package?

If you're wanting to create a professional, secure, and speedy WordPress hosted website then you need Tracking Pixel's CARE+ Plan. Like a good insurance plan, it takes care of you without you even realizing it's even there. Piece of mind for only $99/month!

So what are you waiting for?

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