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Analytics - Measuring Success

Using Data To Determine Approach.png

Using analytics helps measure a campaign's success

Simply put, analytics helps remove the hunches out of marketing.  No longer will a business have to say, "I believe my target audience is x,y,z."  With analytics, you can know what audience converts the best for you, what kinds of messages have the biggest impact on conversions, or even if it's time to make a big change in your organization.  We're a big believer in data, and hope that after working with us, you will be, too!

Google Analytics and Tag Manager

For our paid ads, we have a campaign commitment that allows our clients to walk away from us at any moment if we are not performing for them.  That's a tall order on our part, and why we set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager up for all of our clients.  Most small business owners have heard of Google Analytics.  It's the thing you use when you want to measure how many people are visiting your site, how much time they spend on a page, what pages they visit the most.  Google Tag Manager takes things a step further.  With it set up properly, we can understand things like:

  • what ad makes people pick up the phone the most?

  • which pages creates the most online sales?

  • which recipe do people love and want to download the most?

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