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The TPM Campaign Commitment

We believe you should be able to see results from marketing.  Meaningful metrics like phone calls, emails, forms fills, sales, etc, not impressions, clicks, and site visitors.  After all, that's why you hired a professional.  So why don't marketing agencies operate that way?  We don't understand either.

Your business worked hard for the clients and revenue it has garnered, and we respect that.  Tracking Pixel Media wants to make sure you see how hard we work to help your business grow.  Which is why we make a campaign commitment for clients who are willing to commit with us.  What's our commitment? 

Get Results, or we give back

Businesses who commit with us will see results from the various channels we utilize for their marketing campaigns - results that are meaningful to them like phone calls, emails, online purchases, and other conversions.  Tracking Pixel will prove our results so they can see exactly what we're doing for them.  If a business does not receive revenue from our efforts, they will not have to pay us.  Plain and simple. We take performance as seriously as we do managing a client's marketing budget.

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So, what does a campaign commitment look like in action?

When a business signs an agreement to work with us for a minimum of four months, we make the commitment that we will drive actions that moves business forward.  It's all about doing something great with the money the business is investing in themselves.  And we mean it when we say investing in themselves, for marketing campaigns should yield an ROI that is helps the business to thrive. 


At the end of the four months or by the duration of the campaign, if we fail to deliver results like phone calls, emails, form fills, and other conversions that lead to new revenue, and if the business requests it, we will refund them the amount Tracking Pixel Media took as payment for our services.

We know you have a million questions right now, so let's answer some of them:


  •  How long will I have to advertise for to qualify?  You weren't reading anything above, were you?  In all seriousness, four months is the minimum a marketing campaign will have to be in order to qualify for the TPM Commitment.​

  •  You'll refund all of my money if I'm not happy?  All of the money Tracking Pixel Media took as payment for our services, yes.  Money that paid for Google and Facebook Ads, as well as other marketing forms that might be used, no.  There are too many businesses that would take advantage of our commitment to do that.  Sorry.

  •  How does a refund process work?  It's easiest to provide an example - Let's say you were spending $2,000 per month on a marketing campaign for Google and Facebooks Ads.  Our service fee would be 15% on top of that total, or $300 per month.  If you requested a refund after five months, we would refund the service fee charges, which in this case, would be $1,500.

  •  Can I get a refund no matter what?  We wish would could say no strings attached, but again, there are too many companies out there that would take advantage of us.  If you qualify for a refund, we are more than happy to do so.  After all, it would mean we didn't provide real results for your business!

  •  What do you mean by qualify for a refund?  Tracking Pixel wants to be held accountable for our efforts.  That's why we created the TPM Commitment.  If you believe you did not receive anything of value from us, you can ask for a refund.  We reserve the right to ask for past and recent business deals, sales, transactions, etc.  By signing an agreement, you agree to provide us these documents, so we can check to see if we can connect our actions to business revenue.  For example, if we can trace form fills, emails, or phone calls to people who eventually became a customer, that is a meaningful action we helped drive.  It's about keeping both of us accountable as good partners do.

  •  Are there more benefits and rules to the TPM Commitment?  Of course there are!  But since you've read this far, we know you must be somewhat interested.  Give us a call or send us an email so we can discuss how this commitment can specifically help your business grow!

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