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The TPM Campaign Commitment

We believe you should be able to see results from paid ads management.  Meaningful metrics like phone calls, emails, forms fills, sales, etc, not impressions, clicks, and site visitors.  After all, that's why you hired a professional.  So why don't marketing agencies operate that way?  We don't understand either.

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Your business worked hard for the clients and revenue it has garnered, and we respect that.  Tracking Pixel Media wants to make sure you see how hard we work to help your business grow.  Which is why we make an advertising campaign commitment for clients who are willing to commit with us.  What's our commitment? 

Get Results, or wAlk Away

We don't lock you into a long term contract when it comes to paid ad management.  Businesses who commit with us will see results from the various channels we utilize for their marketing campaigns - results that are meaningful to them like phone calls, emails, online purchases, and other conversions.  Tracking Pixel will prove our results so they can see exactly what we're doing for them.  If a business does not receive revenue from our efforts, they will not be locked into year(s)-long agreement.  You can simply walk away.  Plain and simple. We take performance as seriously.

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So, what does a campaign commitment look like in action?

When a business signs an agreement to work with us, we make the commitment that we will drive actions that moves business forward.  It's all about doing something great with the money the business is investing in themselves.  And we mean it when we say "investing," for marketing campaigns should yield an ROI that is helps the business to thrive. 


If you feel we are failing to deliver results like phone calls, emails, form fills, and other conversions that lead to new revenue, let us know. No fighting about an agreement, no pleading for more time.  We will honor that request ASAP.

We know you have a million questions right now, so let's answer some of them:


  •  How long will I have to advertise for to qualify?  You weren't reading anything above, were you?  In all seriousness, the TPM Commitment applies to any client who uses our paid media management service.

  • You'll refund all of my money if I'm not happy?  No.  At our maximum management fee, Tracking Pixel only charges fifteen percent (15%) to manage media campaigns.  So the majority of the money invested goes into whatever channel we use.  Just like any small business, we have families to support and thrive off of the work we do for our clients.

  •  Are there more benefits and rules to the TPM Commitment?  No.  Don't think we're performing for you?  Tell us and we'll stop managing the ad campaign for you as soon as we can shut it down, which is usually within a week.

Give us a call, already!  Or email us.  That works too.

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