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High Performing Google and Facebook Ads Campaign

A Tracking Pixel Case Study

The Problem: IndyVet Emergency & Specialty Animal Hospital is one of the largest emergency vets in the nation.  After a recent facility expansion, Tracking Pixel was tasked to help increase the number of patients to utilize the facility to its capacity.  Existing traditional and digital marketing had yielded only average results.


The Solution: TPM changed the existing strategy of pushing clicks to websites to using social media and Google Ads to drive conversions - phone calls, emails, and form fills.  A high priority was placed on showing its target demo why IndyVet stood out from the crowd.

The Results: By the end of the second quarter, IndyVet had an overall conversion rate of over 18% - more than triple the normal conversion rates in its industry.  Business-wise, they had such an increase in new patients that they had to shift personnel and hire more workers. In a recent meeting, the IndyVet ownership had this to say about the new strategy’s performance:

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