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Size Indeed Does Matter - For Brand Recall

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

The age old debate on size has now made its way into the marketing world. It turns out that size, indeed, does matter. 

You don't have to compare to others, you just need to work on making your brand presence bigger!

That is the conclusion of a study on ad recall conducted by the Council for Research Excellence, as released in an article on When researching the affects of screen size over multiple formats (Traditional TV screen, Tablet, Smartphone, and Desktop) on ad recall, the study found that the traditional TV experience provided the most fertile ground for recall. Two main factors for TV's superiority were the size of the screen and multi-tasking habits across each medium. Though all mediums provided the same amount of program engagement, attentiveness to ads were very limited for non-traditional methods.

Read the full article here:   Media Post Article On Brand Recall

In response to the survey conducted 15 minutes after viewing of content, 62% of TV viewers were able to recall more than half of the advertisers seen. This is compared to 47% for tablets, 46% for smartphones, and 45% for desktops.

What does this mean for the average advertiser?

Consider how important brand recognition is to your business. The answer for just about every business is very important. It stands to reason then that you should adjust your marketing investment according to formats that help increase your brand awareness with potential customers. In a mobile first world, that means you might need to spend more effort in that medium to make your brand stick.

If you need some help to see if you've allocated enough marketing to making your brand presence as large as it needs to be, call us at 317-593-5161, or email at

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