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USING DATA To Create Stories That Bring Marketing to Life 

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Tracking Pixel Media makes telling your story simple so your marketing efforts have better conversion rates. Every client is properly set up in Google Analytics, so we can track our results.  When working with us, you'll know exactly how many form fills, emails, phone calls and other conversion points you receive as a result of our efforts.  While doing so, we'll help you craft your business so that from the front-end to back, your company has a unified brand.

OUR Drive: Create Stories that Convert


Recent Work

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Tech Startup Website Build

Skills Used: Wordpress, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager

HFG Wellness View.png

Fitness Website Build

Skills Used: Wordpress, UX for Mobile, Branding

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Veterinary Digital Marketing

Skills Used: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Messaging Development

Get Better Marketing Results by Scheduling an Appointment:

Three Keys To Every TPM Campaign:



The most important part of any campaign is to reach your target audience a number of times so they truly understand what makes your business unique.


Ensuring that any marketing dollars spent reach the right person at the right time so your message will convert to action.



Crafting a message that makes your business standout from the competition is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign 

Together, They Drive Conversions


Tracking Pixel specializes in data-driven marketing.  As a result, we tend to skew to digital marketing where data is more accurate and actionable.  However, here are the following services we make easy for our clients:


  • Web design

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Display Ads

  • Creating your brand

  • CRM Database set up

  • Traditional media buys (TV, Billboards, Radio, etc.)

  • Other social & digital marketing services (LinkedIN, Snapchat, Pandora, etc.)

Results are our main focus for marketing - phone calls, emails, form fills.  These are the things that keep a business' doors open.  So it's what we focus on.


Indy Downtown.jpg

Tracking Pixel works with clients all over the US, but we have two main places we call home: Indianapolis, Indiana and Beaufort, South Carolina.  We love both for different reasons: 

  • Indianapolis is a bustling city giving you everything city life has to offer - concerts, attractions, etc. - but without the density of a huge city.

  • Beaufort goes at a slower pace being in Lowcountry.  Night skies are crystal clear and the weather is always warm.

Having two locations means we are usually within a short drive/flight from most major cities in the eastern-half of the US, while providing the quality of life we love.

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