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How to Set a Featured Image in Wordpress

This quick tutorial will show you how to set a featured image within Wordpress in 4 easy steps with videos snippets to help you along the way.

Step 1

From the Wordpress dashboard, navigate to the post tab and either click on "All Posts" or "Add New"

Step 2

Inside the post section, navigate to the "Edit Post" by hovering over a post title, and click the link.

Step 3

Since these next two steps are related, the video is in step 4.

Once inside the post, navigate over to the right hand side bar. Down near the bottom of the screen will be the "Featured Image" tab. Click on the tab and then the grey button that says "Featured Image." NOTE: If you don't see the right side bar, make sure you tap the gear button on the right side of the top bar within the post editor :

cursor hovering over button in a Wordpress editor

After clicking the grey button, it will pop up a window for you to select an image from your either your media library or your computer. Select the image you want, and hit the blue "Set featured image" button.

Step 4

Hit the blue "Update" button at the top of the editor screen and you're done! You can view your post to see its effect.

You've now learned how to set a featured image, congrats! You can pat yourself on the back now.

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