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Not all agencies are created equal ... #bragging

Chart from Google Analytics
An 186% increase in phone calls - using the same budget another agency was spending!

You should have an agency that can generate digital marketing results like this. Plain and Simple.

I love a good case study, especially when it's one where we are able to show how we can out perform another agency using the same budget. That's exactly what has happened with this client. It all started from them not feeling confident with their results and giving us a shot.

This client had a sizable digital budget for its field - the medical industry. For their specialty, they had some competition, but benefited from being able to provide some services that others simply couldn't. The problem was getting potential customers to realize that they were an option, which is why they turned to digital ads.

Their agency ran both Facebook and Google Ads for the client. They provided reports for them that talked about how many clicks and impressions were given over a typical month. They would tell the business owner that results were great, but the owner couldn't tell from their overall business. And that's about where the conversation ended for the agency.

After years went by of not feeling like they saw the impact of what digital marketing was doing for them and still receiving no answer from their agency, they decided it was time for a change. They began to work with us.

Doing more with the same digital marketing budget

We told them we could deliver more for them with the same budget, and we didn't lie. By creating Facebook and Google Ad campaigns that are focused on conversions, we were able to radically increase their overall business. By month three of working with us, they had no doubts as to what was driving their business. Take a look at the way their conversions (emails, phone calls, forms fills, etc.) increased after our agency took over their digital marketing at the beginning of 2020:

Chart from Google Analytics
An agency should have answers to your questions on performance - not excuses

Again, this chart refers to conversions happening on the website. It is data directly pulled from Google Analytics, so it is unbiased in its numbers. If you set it up to track conversions, it will tell you if your digital marketing is yielding results...or not. It really is the only way you should do digital marketing.

It relates from another idea we've discussed, which is focusing on quality versus quantity.

Most astoundingly, if you look at the overall users visiting the website over the same period, you'll notice that we have not generated more visitors:

Website users chart from Google Analytics
Our website traffic is yielding more conversions on average than the previous agency's ads

We're just converting more from our ads. Again, quality not quantity.

The Secret to Our Marketing

So what's our big secret? How are we able to generate a significant increase in performance using the same exact budget?

Part of it stems from our transparency on our fees. Many agencies will not tell you what percentage they charge. They'll say vague statements like "We pull our small fees from the overall budget" but then never show you what those fees are. Those kind of agencies are likely pocketing about 40-60% of your budget. We kid you not. With our margins being much smaller, we can easily give you bigger bang for your buck. After all, we'll be spending more of your buck than the competition.

The other part is that we write more compelling ads. Our strategy is pretty simple. Find one or two things your business does that will compel a potential customer to convert, and say it again and again. We don't believe the "just create more content" hype that so many marketing agencies are pushing. The data our agency has gathered from Google Analytics shows that paid ads can generate a more immediate ROI for your marketing spend than content. Even worse, most content created does not yield the types of results that a business wants (i.e. phone calls, emails, and form fills).

Sure this article is a total brag post. But hopefully it will get you to question your approach to marketing. If you are questioning what you're doing and want another idea, call us by tapping the button below:

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